Order of Service - Judy Koskella and Dan Challis - September 25th 2004

 - 6 -

quietness, sobriety, and peace, be a follower of holy and godly matrons. O Lord, bless them both, and grant them to inherit thy everlasting kingdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Almighty God, who at the beginning did create our first parents, Adam and Eve, and did sanctify and join them together in marriage; Pour upon you the riches of his grace, sanctify and bless you, that ye may please him both in body and soul, and live together in holy love unto your lives' end.


All: Amen.



First Hymn  - Fill your hearts with Joy and Gladness


1. Fill your hearts with joy and gladness,

sing and praise your God and mine!

Great the Lord in love and wisdom,

might and majesty divine!

He who framed the starry heavens

knows and names them as they shine.


2. Praise the Lord, his people, praise him!

wounded souls his comfort know;

those who fear him find his mercies,

peace for pain and joy for woe;

humble hearts are high exalted,

human pride and power laid low.


3.Praise the Lord for times and seasons,

cloud and sunshine, wind and rain;

spring to melt the snows of winter

till the waters flow again;

grass upon the mountain pastures,

golden valleys thick with grain.