2017 Vacation - The Rest of Dorset

Dorset has not just a stunning coastline, but a gorgeous interior as well. I was determined that Judy shouldn't miss a square inch, but with the rural buses from my childhood gone, what to do? Well fortunately we knew a guy with a bus he affectionately calls "Snowy" and over a very long day, we packed it all in.

First off Constitution Hill, which has the most beautiful view of Poole Harbour (second largest unmodifed natural harbour in the world), then due west to Dorchester, where we visited the Roman Villa, Hangman's Cottage and Prince Charles vision of modern architecture "Poundbury".

Moving West we saw, Chesil Beach and the now very famous cliff at West Bay aka Broadchurch, at the western edge of Dorset lies Lyme Regis with it's very old, very solid Cobb wall.

On the return trip, we went inland, first via Dorset's smallest pub and then the famous Cerne Giant, up into the hills of Sherborne ending up at Gold Hill in Shaftesbury.

Snowy the bus

Constitution Hill

Roman Dorchester


Chesil Beach / West Bay

Lyme Regis

Smallest Pub / Giant / Sherborne

Shaftesbury's Gold Hill

Travel on to Glastonbury

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