2017 Vacation - Bournemouth

We spent the first week of our holidays in Bournemouth. My goodness that has changed an awful lot in the quarter century since I spent any time there last.

The one thing that hasn't changed is it's natural beauty. To me stunning is an understatement, the huge seafront that runs from Sandbanks to Hengistbury Head in a continuous arc is one gorgeous sandy beach after another, together with the mild weather, you can see why it is popular.

While staying in Bournemouth we took the time to visit the new Oceanarium and the wonderful Russell-Coates museum, a hidden treasure trove of Oriental and Western art and scuplture.

We also took in a show at the lovely old Pavilion theater, now sadly like much of the town rather in decay, fortunately in the foyer they have a lovely picture of it, from it's heyday and also the playbill from summer 1964 starring Bruce Forsyth, who only stopped performing a couple of years ago.

Bruce Forsyth, whose family includes the chap who Forsythia is named after, passed away a couple of weeks ago. His passing, and I suppose the Queen's when that happens, really signal to me the end of the England that I knew growing up. The change really in the last 20 years, has been breathtaking.

Beside the seaside, beside the sea...


Russell-Coates Museum

Pavilion Theatre

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